50 Inspiring Office Designs From Around the World


Fitting out a new office space can be a daunting experience. You’ve got to consider location, size, infrastructure, and finally, style. An office can be a fantastic branding tool and the way an office looks can greatly affect the productivity and happin...Read more

A Guide to Using Colour in Your Workplace Design

Seeing red, being green with envy, feeling blue… Colour and mood are intrinsically linked in the human brain. Colour shapes how we feel, react, and even perform in life. Colour is important, and designing a space with colour in mind is even more importa...Read more

Create an Inspiring Workplace

Tweet The way in which an office space is designed can have a strong impact on the productivity of a business. Where objects are placed, if they are easily accessible, whether or not the furniture is appealing and comfortable, and how much an enterprise i...Read more

Tips for Designing a Successful Restaurant Space

TweetIt is not just about the food. Where’s the value in having a fine tasting dish if you’re in a place where the music is so loud that you can’t maintain a conversation and the tables are so close to each other you can’t even move? When planning...Read more

100 + ways to reuse pallets


Timber pallets, used to transport materials, are a familiar sight these days. You often see them dumped at street corners or on rubbish tips. But they haven’t always been with us....Read more

Project Study: B’Stilla Restaurant, Melbourne

Tweet Morocco is a diverse African country that boasts beautiful landscapes and an enriched culture that most travellers find hard to resist. Many people travel here to see the sights and sounds that are found nowhere else on this Earth. However you needn...Read more

Stylish Storage Solutions for Cafes and Restaurants

TweetAs any cafe or restaurant store owner will attest, making the most of your space means you don’t have to spend money on a larger area for storage purposes, when sometimes the smaller space you have can work just fine with the proper storage sol...Read more

Why Good Lighting is Critical for Your Restaurant

Tweet Regardless of the style of restaurant you’re setting up, the most important thing for you to get right is the lighting. When it comes to food and ambience, nothing sets (or kills) the mood faster than the design and layout of your lights. A wide r...Read more

Things to Consider When Buying Chairs for Your Business

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School Interior Essentials for the 21st Century

TweetWith technological innovation, a better understanding of learning behaviour and insights from students themselves, there is now a golden opportunity to innovate with design and aesthetics for an enhanced learning experience. When you think that stude...Read more